When Tidewater Trailers started business 15 years ago, its products were designed and built with quality, safety and longevity in mind. That philosophy still guides us today as we bring you a full line of boat trailers that we're proud to make and our customers are proud to own.

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Tidewater Trailers Super Lube Drawing



Choose from 3 Great Series!


· GOLD: Go all the way with a trailer fully equipped with all the desired options and is still priced well below the competition.


· SILVER: Our most popular offering features Torsion Axles and Pivoting Bunk Systems (tandem gal. trailers) for a very low price.


· BRONZE: These are basic trailers with spring axles priced economically.


·Some standard features depending on the series and model you choose:


· Super Lube hubs and rotors for quick easy maintenance


· Vented rotor disc brakes and aluminum caliper


· More adjustability than any other type of roller system


· “TPR” non-marking rollers to protect your boat


New Vortex 100,000 Mile Lube System Axle Option Available

Tidewater Trailers Super Lube Drawing


Tidewater Trailers Super Lube Drawing


Tidewater Trailers Super Lube Drawing


Additional Vortex warranty information. Find link to owner's manual on our Product Support page


· Heavy Duty hot dipped galvanized or aluminum frames


· Multiple bunk options to choose from


· Durable aluminum fenders with bright, shiny finish


· Heat-shrink tubular electrical connections in the rear and gel-filled connectors in the front for better moisture resistance.


· Hot graphics to enhance the look of your trailer

Tidewater Trailers Torsion Axles

While extreme bearing failures and trailer accidents are rare, spindle damage usually requires replacement of your axle.

The Eliminator Torsion Axles with Quick Change Spindles can help you get you back on the road faster and less expensively.

Tidewater Trailers Super Lube Drawing

Suspension travel and shock absorption are handled by four cords inside the steel tube housing. As the wheel moves up and down the rubber cords compress, offering a progressive rate of resistance.

Small bumps require less torsion resistance as compared to larger bumps which require a stiffer rate of shock absorption. Plus, Independent suspension: means a smoother ride over all types of roads

The axle is bolted to the trailer frame. It acts as an additional cross member that stiffens the frame, reducing trailer flex, reducing shock transfer and dangerous trailer sway.

Super Lube Hubs/ Drums/ Rotors

Tidewater Trailers Super Lube Hubs

Your trailer is equipped with TDE wheel hubs/spindles. The hubs are pre-greased and assembled at the factory and should not require any initial adjustments.

The UHI hub uses tapered roller bearing cones and cups. This configuration requires a minimal amount of end play that is provided at the time of assembly.

The bearings can be periodically lubricated without removing the hubs from the axle. New grease saturates the inner bearing and outer bearing while pushing the old grease out the front.

It's this easy:

1. Remove the rubber plug from the grease (hub) cap

2. Tighly engage the grease gun nozzle onto the grease fitting located at the end of the spindle, or behind the hub.

3. Pump grease into the fitting, while slowly turning the wheel. Grease will flow out of the hub around the spindle.

4. When the grease appears to be the new clean grease, remove the grease gun and wipe off any excess grease.

5. Replace the rubber plug in the cap.

Disc Brakes and Brake Laws

Tidewater Disc Brake Caliper

Dealers are required to sell trailers that comply with the brake laws of the state where the trailer will be registered.

This is a trailer safety issue that cannot be ignored and one on which Tidewater continues to lead.

For the safety of our customers and regardless of your state law, Tidewater Trailers will not manufacture any trailer without brakes in excess of 3100# carrying capacity. Plus all trailers with brakes have brakes on all axles standard.

While we recommend you keep the standard equipment, there are brake delete options your delaer can select for those of you registering your trailer in states where the brake laws vary.

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Tidewater Trailer with vented rotor disc brakes and aluminum calipers (pontoon trailers use steel caliper).

Disc brakes have many advantages over drum brakes including:
• Greater fade resistance
• Self cleaning
• Self adjusting
• Less maintenance
• Greater stopping power
• Easy visual inspection

More reasons to choose Tidewater Trailers

Fully Articulating TPR Roller Systems


There is more to it than counting rollers!

· Custom extruded bright finish aluminum roller arms with TPR cushioning roller assemblies give you 6 way articulating motion for smooth loading and maximum adjustment too gently cradle your boat!

* Our aluminum roller arms with heavier cross section provide years of dependable service, are lighter weight and are much more aesthetically pleasing. The Tidewater articulating roller system makes it easier for your boat to pass from one roller system to another.

* Our assemblies move in every direction to carefully cradle your boat during the loading and unloading process. Unlike some non-articulating roller systems you can see how all our rollers touch the bottom of the boat.

Tidewater Trailers Quad Roller Assembly


Boat rollers are designed to carry a certain amount of weight. Proper carrying capacity and weight distribution depends upon each one holding up its own portion of the load.

You need every roller to be touching your boat otherwise some rollers may become overloaded. This can cause distortion, failure and possibly damage to your hull.

Thermal Plasticized Rollers (TPR)

Our premium colored ocean blue "TPR" rollers have become the industry standard in contemporary roller design. Don't be fooled by yellow polyurethane and plastic rollers that can be hard on your hull.

·    "TPR" Rollers cushion your boat from harsh impact having a lower durometer than both polyurethane and plastic rollers yet are long lasting.
·    "TPR" Rollers will not mark the bottom of your boat.
·    "TPR" Rollers give you the ultimate in style as well as function.

Diamond Plate Fenders and Adjustable Crossbars

Our aluminum diamond plate fenders are strong, durable and look great on your trailer. Our fenders are mounted with a heavy-duty hot dipped galvanized bracket that can be used as a step to help in boarding or tying down your boat. Combined with The custom Tidewater Trailers graphics package our customers enjoy the best looking trailer on the market.

 We want our customers' boats to get the best fit on our trailers so we go the extra distance. Our adjustable crossbars provide you maximum adjustability. Compare that to others who take the cheap way out and just punch a hole in the frame or give you no adjustment at all. Your boat deserves the best.


Brake Actuators

Tidewater Trailers Actuators used

Tie Down’s brake actuator represents over two years of product development and eight months of continuous testing.

The unique all aluminum master cylinder incorporates the shock absorber into the master cylinder assembly. The oversized master cylinder design positively provides for quicker stops when using traditional drum brakes due to the significantly higher pressures. Even the coupler is manufactured out of heavier gauge steel when compared to all other actuator manufacturers.

Model 66 provides for 6,600 lb. capacity. Model 80 provides for 8,000 lb. capacity and includes an 8,000 lb. 2” hitch ball.own’s brake actuator represents over two years of product development and eight months of continuous testing. The unique all aluminum master cylinder incorporates the shock absorber into the master cylinder assembly.

Brake System Operation

It is very important to read and understand the towing information for your trailer and actuator. Check your trailer frequently for any leaks in the hydraulic system, which includes the actuator, brake lines and brakes.

The brake rotors are made of steel and will show surface rust on the braking surface when not used for a week or more. Normal use will wipe the rust off of the rotor surface. If the trailer is used in salt water, it is recommended that you rinse off the brakes with fresh water after each use to reduce the effects of saltwater corrosion.

Never park your trailer submerged in water.

Your trailer should tow easily. Disc brakes operate at a higher temperature than drum brakes. This is normal and is very similar to the way disc brakes operate on your vehicle.

If for any reason your trailer does not tow easily or wants to veer to one side, stop and investigate immediately and solve the problem.


Tidewater Trailers LED Upgrade en i LED Diode

Tidewater Trailers come with submersible taillights as standard. But you have the option to upgrade to LEDs with various option packages like the "IZE" packages.

LED’s require very little current to illuminate reducing the draw on your electrical system. In a traditional light bulb, the vast majority (sometimes more than 80%) of the electricity used to illuminate a light bulb is wasted in heat. LED’s run much cooler making them perfect for many electronic applications where heat is detrimental.

LED’s are manufactured within an epoxy resin which means that they are virtually indestructible. Compared to a traditional light bulb, an LED is far more durable.

Compare our frames

Compare our heavy duty frames to the thinner wall frames others use!

When purchasing your trailer don’t be satisfied with just the size of the frame (eg. 3 x 5). Ask about the thickness as well.

At Tidewater we refuse to go the way of the thinner frame just to make it look bigger. We are proud to have you match up the thickness and toughness of our frames to anyone else in the industry. Same goes for our heavy duty aluminum trailers.

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