• New - Aluminum I-Beam Roller Trailers

    Tidewater's 6 way articulating roller assembly system now available in Aluminum I-Beam trailer design.

  • Aluminum I-Beam Bunk Trailers

    Choose from fixed position solid wood carpeted bunk designs and swivel bunks on full frame support tubes.

  • Galvanized trailers with self-adjusting pivot bunks

    Get better hull support with self-adjusting pivot bunks.

  • Skiff and Jon Boat Trailers

    Choose straight or curved crossbar designs to best cradle your skiff or jon-boat.

  • Galvanized Roller Trailers

    Get the best hull support from the Tidewater 6 way articulating aluminum roller system.

  • Personal Water Vehicle Trailers

    We have you covered with single or double wide personal watercraft trailers.

It's Our 15th Anniversary!

From the beginning our formula remains a simple one:

Best Trailer * Best Value * Best Service

Tidewater Trailers are the premium trailers by which all others are measured.



In our competitive industry, Tidewater has separated itself from those who claim that all trailers are the same.  Yes, there can be similar features, but none give you the total package that Tidewater does.  Giving the extra effort to provide a safe and enjoyable boating experience for our customers makes us proud.

There is a large network of knowledgeable dealers who will be happy to match your boat with a Tidewater Trailer.  Our new Bellmawr, NJ plant has more production space and quick access to major transportation routes serving the Mid Atlantic and New England states.

To locate a dealer near you or to investigate becoming a dealer or distributor, e-mail us here.


Roller Trailers

Hot dip galvanized chassis with cushioning TPR rollers on articulating aluminum assemblies. Specs and info here.

Pivot Bunk Trailers

Hot dip galvanized chassis with swivel bunks on pivoting bars give better support and smoother loading. Specs and info here

Aluminum Roller Trailers

Aluminum I Beam Frames with our 6-way articulating roller system cradles your boat with ease. Specs and info here.

Small V-Bunk Trailers

Hot dip galvanized chassis and swivel bunk styling that's ideal for light weight boats and float on loading. Specs and info here..

Pontoon Trailers

The the best pontoon trailer you can buy. comes with more standard features and a better ride. Specs and info here.

Personal Watercraft Trailers

The ultimate value for youe dollar. Hot dip galvanized frames, 2x6 bunks and great graphics. Specs and info here.

Jon Boat and Skiff Trailers

Lightweight, hot dip galvanized trailers for your flat bottom boats. Large selection with must have features. Specs and info here.

How to "IZE" Your Own Trailer

Tidewater makes it easy to "IZE" your trailer with the semi custom upgrades enthusiasts want. Options packages here.

Aluminum Bunk Trailers

Aluminum I Beam Frames with swivel bunks on full frame support tubes or economical lumber. Specs and info here.

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